Commenting Extravaganza!

For Week Eight’s blogging challenge, I commented on Bailee’s blog, Helena’s blog, and Tiernan’s blog.  First, I commented on Bailee’s blog.  She is a student from Australia who believes her blog is the “Most awesome blog”.  Her post about tsunamis was so informative and interesting, it compelled me to write a comment on her blog.  Next, I commented on Helena’s blog because her view on emotions was quite unique and thought- provoking.  Lastly, I commented on Tiernan’s blog because their views on nature really showed how much about our planet we take for granted.  This weeks challenge definiely helped me learn about unique topics and fellow bloggers!


No one truly knows how many types off animals there are, but over 1.5 million animals have already been discovered.  One of my ablsolute favorite animals are giraffes.  There long necks and bright yellow complexion attract the eyes of many fellow animals and people.  These large, joyous organisms brighten our would and make life on this wonderful planet possible.

Another amazing animal is the graceful, sly lion.  Male lions, with their ferocious manes, effortlessly glide across the safari with the grace of a ballerina.  These indescribable animals are beautiful and sometimes tame, if raised in the right hands.  While I believe that all free animals should stay wild and able to run and play in the great outdoors, many stories of human raised lions are absolutely heart-warming.

Animals, large and small, will never seize to amze me and new discoveries will always leave us learning more about the earth we share.  The many majestic creatures that roam this earth can teach us grace, survival, and strength.

What’s your favorite animal? Take this survey so I can find out:

America’s Favorite Food…

While some countries enjoy the fine delicacies the world has to offer, America really enjoys their Twinkies.  While I have never truly enjoyed them myself, the online article “10 Foods That America is Most Famous For” says that Twinkies are the food America is most famous for.  A great food to be associated with, indeed.  With all that processed cake and sugar, all sealed inside the iconic wrapper, whats not to love?

Another fabulously famous food from America is the good old cheeseburger.  Every corner you turn, there is at least one “resturaunt” eager to feed people with all the juicy meat, melted cheese, and fluffy buns a cheesegurger has to offer.  As the hamburger came increasingly popular in the 1920s and 1930s, there was only one more thing that could be done to make the classic food even more desirable… CHEESE.  Now, in modern times, Americans consume just about 50 billion burgers a year.

If this topic interests you, offers more info on these foods and other great American delicacies.


Whats Your Favorite Food?

Food favoritism is a very interesting and vast topic that differs based on each person’s personal preference.  I’d like to know what your favorite food.  Click this link if you would like to submit your answers:–BEZ2AIrnbDhY/viewform?usp=send_form . I’m interested in seeing everyones favorite food.


I chose to add the Google Search widget to the right hand side of my blog.  I chose this widget because I wanted to make sure readers were informed about what I was saying.  The Google widget allows easy access to information.  This way, if people are interested in the topic I am writing about, they can search more about it using the widget.

My Native Language

My native language is English.  While I would like to branch out and learn many new languages, English is the only one I know for now.  I would like to base this post on my dogs because they are the only pets I have and I love them to pieces.  My dogs are brother and sister and are about seven years old.  I thougt it was extremely interesting the my sister and my dogs have the same exact birthday, which is very coincidental.  My dog’s names are Papi and Chloe and they are pikanese, chihuahua mix.  I love my playful pups and it is always so nice to come home to them jumping with excitement.

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